JUSTICE.CHIMA.IKEH (born 12 Nov 1998),(stylized as XII.XI), is a DJ, record producer and musician.

  • Justice started his music career at age 14
  • His inspiration to DJ was spawned from seeing DJ Afrojack playing in the event Sensation hyderabad 2016.
  • His first dance track MONSTER which was a collaboration with CLEMENT FRANCIS ( a singer and a musician) was a great encouragement for his music career to step up.
  • By the support from his family, friends and various other music enthusiasts. He began to release his own instrumental tracks, which it did not match up to his expectations. But still he did not give up he was trying harder and harder to pull his society’s attention.
  • His instrumental tracks came to an end. He made it clear in his statement that his final instrumental track was KYA MAIN KARU and was another collaboration with an upcoming artist NOBLE NICO ( a singer, lyricist and a musician). The project took around 3 weeks in order to make it a finished track for their audience. Although they were enjoying their life in the name of collaboration/music, learning new things, finding inspirations wherever they go, meeting and interacting with new people and supporting each other after a massive break through in their personal lives.
  • Justice then traveled for his higher studies leaving behind his hometown, his family but not his music career. He was so stubborn to leave his music career behind.
  • Exactly after a month he left his motherland. he released a track called “CUPID” which made it viral for weeks. It was his first EDM track, which was a masterpiece. He was being directed and told by various upcoming producers around him and on his soundcloud page to upload it on Spinnin talent pool and get noticed and he was like why not give it a try. After few days of his upload, His rank blasted up to #42 in the main chart and #9 in the EDM chart of spinnin talent pool. Lately his track was signed to wolfrage recordings. He was exuberant and was determined for more tracks.
  • His other track which he released latterly as known as “ARCHES” another EDM track was to thank all his supporters and the people who actually believed in him making up to his music career.

Its been a heck of a journey to reach till this position. Thank you for making me reach till this position. With all your support and love. Your support and love to my music has earned me faith in my abilities. ❤🔥🇮🇳 — XII⋅XI